It's a good thing boys are so tough!

The baby, 14 months old now, is already quite a rough and tumble little boy. He bangs things, hits things, throws things and frequently bonks his baby head on furniture stopping only briefly to rub it a little and keep on going. It amazes me. We even hear frequent "thuds" over the baby monitor when he bonks his head against his crib! We probably should get the kid a little helmet. Speaking of which, I’m reminded of a story my mom tells from my childhood. When I was a little girl (around 4 in this story) we had an unfinished backyard with a dirt mound that I loved to play in. I would dig in the dirt with a little shovel, make “dirt castles” and play for hours just having fun in the dirt. (As a mom now, just thinking of the laundry makes me cringe!) Anyway, the little neighbor boy would come over and of course, being a boy, he’d also love to play in the dirt. My mom will apparently never forget the day that he came over wearing some sort of helmet. We were out back digging in the dirt playing as usual and then for some unknown reason I bonked the poor kid over the head with my little shovel! The dialogue to follow went something like this:

Boy: Oww!! You hit me ..what did you do that for?
Me: Ummm, well, I don’t know, what are you wearing the helmet for?

I guess that logic is hard to argue with!

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