I guess it’s the time of year for this sort of thing….

So the other day I am minding my own business sitting at the kitchen table checking e-mail when from the other room I hear my baby’s little talking house go off all by itself! "Doo deedle doo da doo: seven", "Doo deedle doo da doo: nine" and it keeps doing it! Spooky! I decided to just go with it and start writing down the numbers in case they are lottery winners!

Speaking of spookiness, I am known for being easily startled. My husband will frequently sneak up behind me (though he claims he’s just walking normally) and out of the blue will appear around a corner and I’ll scream! Growing up, my oldest son thought this was hysterical once he learned mommy got scared and screamed if you snuck up on her so this was something he enjoyed the heck out of when he was little. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the new little guy starts this fun-filled activity! The other day was the kicker though. We had just finished breakfast and hubby mumbled something and disappeared into another part of the house. A few moments later I head back to the master bedroom, open the door to the bathroom and..... scream! There’s dear hubby on the potty! Apparently I scared him as much as he scared me! Next he just bursts into uncontrollable laughter! {I just wasn’t expecting to see anyone in there!}

Well, I must say other than being scared I do enjoy this time of year; Halloween, the onset of cooler weather, Thanksgiving, crisp, cool nights, crunchy leaves, having dinner when it’s actually dark instead of brighter than the noon-day sun. I guess I must be an Autumn person. It’s this time of year when I look forward to scenic Fall drives, going to a pumpkin patch, wearing sweaters and other Fall clothing, and getting holiday shopping started and hopefully finished long before the holiday season hits!

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