Isn’t that what Scarecrows are for?

So it’s Halloween around here alright. A few days ago Hubby hauled out the large scarecrow we decorate with every year and decided to put it out in front up against the garage. So as I head out the front door and turn the corner…there it is. As previously mentioned I startle easily- so, the darn thing scared me! The pathetic part is after the first time this happend I forgot about it and it got me again a couple days later (I only make it out of the house every couple days or so thanks to baby cranky pants.) Then hubby decides this isn’t the best location for our scarecrow friend and moves him to another location, closer to where I turn the corner when coming out the front door! And again—I get startled by the darn thing!

Being the only female in a household full of males is never more apparent than at Halloween. The other day while looking around at all the neat Halloween décor at Target I catch both “boys” (that would be hubby and teenager) attempting to “surprise” the baby with one of those candy dishes with the hand that reaches out for you. They continued to put it in front of him to see his little baby suprised reaction --they thought it was just hysterical! Poor baby, Mommy will save you from your big brother and Daddy!

So onto more mischief and mayhem. We are the proud owners of an infa-red/automatic opening trash can. I love this thing! There are many opportunities to rejoice in not needing to have my hands free to open a trash can since I am frequently “icked” by something or other as a mommy trying to dispose of the mess of the hour. Well, apparently the thing needed more than just changing the trash bag because after announcing; “Hey honey, the trash can smells” to the hubby who graciously took out the trash, I noticed it still smelled. Eww! So, we took the thing outside and sprayed it down with some disinfectant. While it was laying in two parts on the patio, the can and the automatic opening lid, both hubby and I were standing in the kitchen looking outside at it waiting for the cat to walk by the right place, trigger the automatic sensor and jump a mile high when the lid suddenly opened up….much to our disappointment we kept watching her walk by and it never happened-darn! Of course it was then I realized that when the possibility of scaring the heck out of the cat is the highlight of our evening perhaps we need to get out more often.

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