That’s roughly 3 years…

Way back when I always thought it was odd that mothers used months to state their kids ages…."little Emily is 38 months and Sam is 56 months"… Now I understand! I think there is something just a little bit sad in acknowledging that your baby is getting older—after all, my baby, who for all intents and purposes is still a baby, is technically a year old, but I cannot bring myself to say that! So, he’s 13 months—much better. Ah, sweet denial! Of course my other “baby” is 179 months old!

Speaking of getting out of the baby age, now that my dear little one is past the year mark we are transitioning out of bottles. Thank heavens! You see, being fairly health conscious about things when we did have a need for bottles we chose to use glass instead of plastic. Thanks to this choice my baby’s “WANTED” poster has gone up all over town due to hurling his bottle out his stroller and onto the floor…. CRASH! Now there’s a coffee shop and a baby store I cannot show my face in. The last time he did this the bottle was aimed directly at some poor woman’s feet. She was very good natured about it and made a comment about how she didn’t know they even made glass bottles anymore. Thank goodness she was wearing tennis shoes and not flip flops!

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