I guess anything can offend someone...

An interesting thing happened while listing a few of the baby’s item’s for sale on ebay. Apparently, the standard comment I have on my auction listings about being a stay at home mom and trying to make a few extra bucks on ebay offended someone who took it upon herself to verbally blast me in an e-mail. For entertainment, feel free to read the ebay auction listing here, complete with the nasty comment in the Q & A section and my response for all the ebay world to see. (No longer available since it's past the 90 days ebay leaves listings up.) I was not about to respond directly to the person who made the comment, but since she so conveniently provided me with a writing topic I could not resist taking that opportunity!

It amazes me what ruffles some people’s feather’s. When being a stay at home mom selling a few things on ebay can offend someone, then truly anything can.


Mrs. Burns said...

Hi, I came across your post on BBC and read your ebay listing. I have a 4-month-old and am lucky enough to get to take 3 more months of maternity leave. I too have been selling things on ebay to make this possible. I read your listing. I liked what you wrote. Some people need to get a life. I am going to check out all your listings because I actually have $$ in my Paypal account and want to get cute stuff from you. Sorry this was so long. Have a great day.

Jill said...

Way to go! I loved the ebay listing.
I too am a SAHM to 4 wonderful children. I am at home, however, I have been working AT home in one form or another for the last 12 years.
When it is important to you to stay home with your children, many times you can find a way to do it and make it work. Several of my friends work out of their homes. One mom has a preschool in her basement, one teaches dance, another piano, another does medical transcription. We are all available to drive our kids to and from school, and be available when they need us.
I have also known a few couples who worked different shifts so at least one of them could be home with the kids at all times.
I worked with a girl (before I had my kids) who's husband was sure that they couldn't survive without her income. One day she figured out how much it was costing her to work. After adding up day care costs, gas for the car, fast food or pizza for the nights she needed to work late and didn't have time to cook, ect.... she figured out that she was spending an average of $20 a month more than her salary. She quit her job the next day.
I understand that sometimes women really don't have the choice to stay home, and I certainly don't mean to offend anyone, I just don't understand why someone would make such a rude comment to you.
I once heard someone say "You have your whole lifetime to work, but you only have one opportunity to raise your children."
p.s. I've sold things on ebay also:)

korkie said...

Good Lord!

"If you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all", should be some people's mantra.

Rick said...

Happened to be reading your post and went to the ebay listing. I would say she is a working mom that is very unhappy about her position in life. Another way of putting it is that someone has placed a corn harvesting by product in a particularly peculiar spot on her person.