Leap Day

Today being a day that only occurs once every four years I felt I should write something deeply profound and thought provoking. However, I find myself contemplating things like:

Why does Steve on Blue’s Clue’s have such a hard time finding those darn clues?

Is is just my crazy imagination or does the Count on Sesame Street strike an amazing resemblance to villain Stefano DiMera on Days of Our Lives?

How can my 18 mo old possibly toss enough graham crackers over the edge of his high chair to feed a small village of chipmunks?

Why is it so much harder to lose weight now than it was ten years ago?

How do teenagers suddenly lose their ability to hear?

Why does the hubby suspect that when I claim, “we need to celebrate leap day” it’s just a flimsy excuse to go out to dinner?

If I close my eyes and walk barefoot across the “cheerio dust” on the kitchen floor can I convince myself I’m on a sandy tropical beach?

But in reality, I guess I can be glad that leap year gives me one extra day this year to remain in my thirties. **sigh**

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