Life is in the Details
“Mommy Dresses Me Funny”

I get a lot of flak in my family for being…well, being me. Being in a household with all males “the boys” often complain when I dress up the baby, especially on holidays. You see, I am pretty traditional in many ways; I believe in and enjoy dressing up, particularly when the occasion calls for it. One such occasion would be church (even though I realize now days most folks are ultra casual), and even more so when it’s Easter. So, yes, today the baby was wearing his adorable Easter outfit, a bubble romper with a peter pan collar and Easter bunnies in the smocking on the front.

Yesterday when we went to the egg hunt he was wearing another similarly styled Easter outfit.
By the way, both these outfits are actual boys outfits, purchased used (I may have a desire for the finer things but always try to save as much as possible) and worn previously by other darling little boys last Easter. The baby looked adorable, but as these outfits are pretty dressy, traditional and well, I guess you could say “foofy” and if you combine all that with a kid who’s dang cute (not that I have a bias or anything) we get lots of folks saying “What a cute little girl!” I’m sure my dear little baby boy is thinking “Umm, no, I’m a boy, but my mommy dresses me funny!” But you know what? I don’t care. Frankly, I like being different and while part of me wishes more folks cared to dress up (themselves & their kids) part of me feels like, hey, to each their own! One of the many fun things about being a mommy is enjoying things like dressing up your darling little baby in special outfits (yes, even boys!) and he’ll have the rest of his life to wear jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes!

So, I guess what I am really saying is that I am all about simple pleasures in life, and for me this is one them. Yes, there are far more important things in life than clothes, looking good, etc. But over the years I’ve come to learn that sometimes we focus so much of the big, dramatic things and become all consumed with them to the point that we miss the simple little pleasures in life—the things that turn everyday occasions into “special occasions”. Whether it’s a great cup of coffee, a nice glass of wine, an extra few minutes of snuggling before getting up in the morning, making your teenager laugh by being hilariously embarrassing or just being happy to see your baby look cute in his Easter outfit, these are the things that give added meaning and make life worthwhile.


Kate said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more! Both about your thoughts on life's simple pleasures as well as dressing up boys! Years ago, these would have been standard dressy outfits and in places like Europe they still are. We've truly become a "dressed down" country --it's nice to go back to the classics.

Patty said...

Thanks for the comment on my new blog! I also have an 18 month old boy and teenagers (girls 14 and 16). It's crazy. I dressed baby boy in light blue chambray shortalls and sandals on Easter. That's as "pansy" as I'm allowed to get. I got all my frilly urges out on my daughters. I get to go prom dress shopping this week, I can't wait.