They want me to do what?

Lately we’ve been experiencing trouble with our diaper pail. I wrote to the company telling them of our difficulties and have posted their response for your reading enjoyment:

Hello, I do apologize for the trouble. Below are instructions to assist with adjusting the rubber ring.

Please follow these steps correctly and take your time:

1.) Please take the two side knobs off and open the top drum. Take everything off that is blue expect for the ring.

2.) The top portion is called the “top drum”

3.) Open the top drum and work with one half of the product first.

4.) Flip it over so the top part is facing you.

5.) Notice the piston in the middle is surrounded by a hollow tube.

6.) Take the tube out of the blue ring and you can notice it is in the grove of the ring.

7.) Put the blue ring in your hand and peel it back. Place it under and over the rim of the diaper pail.

8.) Place the hollow tube in the groves of the ring on the inside of the diaper pail.

9.) Rotate it to secure the ring is in the groves. Test it to make sure it does not pop up on any side.

10.) Do the same thing for the other side.

11.) Then reassemble the diaper pails top drum and place it on the bottom pail.

Note: If you are still experiencing problems with the rotation of the top drum, please try the steps again.

Apparently they left out:
12) After swearing a little, give up repair attempt and go out and buy a new diaper pail!

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June said...

Thanks for the lesson!! I think a new diaper pail was in order. A winner too in the aromatherpy department! ;-)