Study pegs mom's market value at nearly $117,000: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

So, I'm worth six figures, huh? Nice. The SAHM gig is no cushy job, that's for sure. When I hear complaints from dear hubby about how he "worked all day" I look at him and reply "what do you think I did all day?" Just because I didn't get a paycheck doesn't mean I didn't work--believe me! Lately, in addition to my usual mom duties I've been fielding girl questions from the teenager (as yet another one calls him to say she likes him) while chasing after my incredibly active toddler who literally does laps around the living room. His new thing has been wanting to wear his big brother's helmet and then running around the house. Great, I have my very own crash test baby!

Study pegs mom's market value at nearly $117,000: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance


TheHMC said...

Aaahaha! I am SO showing that to my husband!

My husband is well aware of how much I do and when I was on bedrest at the end of last year, he even said that I've been doing too much.

Ahem. Well, since then I've seemed to accumulate a whole bunch of new jobs! You know... seeing how I did *too* much before.. I apparently needed more ;). He asks me "so what did you do for the other 11 hours that I was gone" after I mention that I spent over an hour cleaning the bathroom.

He doesn't have to know that I sneak on here, now does he ;).

mommeeof10 said...

When I was a SAHM, hubby always wanted to know what I did that day. Now that I work full time and he has the kids all weekend and 2 evenings a week, he doesn't ask such silly questions. He also has the kids 8 yr old and older doing a lot of the chores I used to do.