As previously mentioned I do not like clutter. I do not function well with it and thus, made it my life’s work to keep it at bay and help others with the same insidious problem. It’s like a plague I tell you—it’s everywhere! My current personal clutter dilemma/project, shall we say, is working on going through all the extra stuff that appeared when getting married and combining two homes. Something we did three years ago. Yes, three years. In my defense, I did immediately get pregnant, have a baby and a host of other events took place during the last three years. But enough with the excuses already. Now there seems to be a major disagreement bit of confusion as to exactly who is responsible for the majority of the extra stuff that ended up making it’s way into our home, garage, garden house, shed, etc. (but it’s the hubby’s).

We have whittled it down little by little so it’s not quite as big as it once was. There have been numerous trips to the charity drop off center combined with multiple trash bags, shred-a-thons and BBQ burnings of old bills/paperwork. Speaking of paperwork---before we married the hubby’s bachelor pad had surfaces filled with junk mail—unopened, untossed junk mail. But, because there could be something important in the mix I didn’t dare throw anything away so I chucked it all into Rubbermaid storage containers and we loaded it on the truck and brought it to the home we now share. And right now I could take a trip out back to one of the sheds and visit said Rubbermaid containers. I could in fact build a small fort out of those Rubbermaid containers. And while I’m at it, I could open at least two of them and find nothing but stacks and stacks of photographs. Of his cat. All of them. I’m not even kidding. Sadly, this was the cat who was on his last little kitty legs during the time hubby’s bachelor pad was up for sale and mere days before our wedding. Yeah, rough times. RIP Gummy—we miss you little buddy. But, we have pictures. Lots of ‘em. Anyway, I digress….so all this stuff that made it’s way over has waited patiently for the day that hubby and I didn’t have “something else to do” in order to go through everything and decide what gets tossed. So, most of it is still waiting. When we venture into the garage and look at everything staring at us as we try to shimmy around, climb over and stumble through everything to get the actual useful thing we are looking for and I have to be honest, there is some unfortunate language spoken. At one point the stuff actually spilled over into the side yard---yeah, I hate to even admit this. Because basically it was like living in an episode of Sanford and Son. So, my point is that hubby and I have a little summer project on our hands because I am bound and determined to regain the order and organization around here. [read: get rid of the hubby’s “bachelor pad” crap once and for all!] The boys are talking about doing weight lifting and they’ll need to have a spot in the garage for this, so hopefully this will serve as further motivation. If not, I’m firing up the BBQ.

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Lynda said...

Oh the hidden clutter that we all have in our lives. I have to say that it falls right into the idea of mayhem - what a great post. I think you've nailed some ideas that Feng Shui touches upon - even though some just think it's mumbo jumbo. I know I feel better after cleaning up my home of clutter - and that's all the proof I need.