Critter Capers

Apparently word got out about our garage full of stuff. Yesterday we had a visitor who thought it would be fun to come on in and hide. We had just arrived home from grocery shopping (again—all those boys have to eat!) and as I was unloading bags out of the corner of my eye I saw something dart into the garage and underneath the car. I let out a scream and for a brief moment my heart skipped a beat when I thought it could be a lizard – I hate lizards, and pretty much anything reptilian. Unless of course it’s that adorable gecko with the British accent from Geico. Or perhaps these little fellas from Sobe Life Water—because, come on, lizards doing the “Thriller” dance? That’s just entirely too entertaining to be scary.
We’ve had numerous lizard and snake incidences around here, including live reptiles slithering through the house- their arrival courtesy of the kitty shuttle that seems to love to bring such things in. If I run into one of these things I am so creeped out that apparently I do a series of contortions known to my family as “the snake dance” which according to them is highly entertaining. What's equally as horrifying is encountering half lizzards and various lizzard parts in the yard. But getting back to the story…in this instance I caught just enough of a glimpse to realize a second later that it was in fact a squirrel. Whew- thank heavens! Luckily, I’m not afraid of squirrels. So I didn't have to scream - or do a dance. I just quickly called the teenager to come guard the garage to make sure Mr. Squirrel gets out before we close the garage door. This project took awhile. (Either that or teenager found a convenient way to get out of putting away groceries). He managed to snap photos during the squirrel expedition and eventually (we’re pretty sure) our visitor left to return to the forest and the rest of his little squirrel family.

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