June at last

School’s out, kids are home, the BBQ’s uncovered and ready to go and the animals are lounging lazily in the grass.

The teenager’s lounging lazily, too, but I nip that in bud quick with various chores. Thank heavens for help at the grocery store. During our shopping trip this afternoon teenager had baby laughing hysterically as we went up and down the aisles—this is vastly better than the usual cry & whinefest I generally get when having to shop on my own with the little guy. Teenager served as further amusement when he came across the yogurt culture drink called “Yakult” and asks me if it’s Yak’s milk! (Umm, no, but creative guess!) The hubby tested out baby’s new drawing thingy and decided to draw a stick figure of the family—I commended him on his excellent artistic interpretation and told him I might just have to swap out the blog’s cartoon drawing for it. But for now, here it is.

Speaking of the hubby, guy geek-ness took over while strolling through our local shopping center past a bookstore that was having a “Star Wars” event. Apparently Hubby couldn’t resist the following photo op.

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