Notes from Driver's Ed

The teenager has been taking Driver's Ed this summer and recently he was assigned to make a car out of a cardboard box. He had a great time doing this; a couple of Pampers boxes and a can of spray paint later he had quite a vehicle. Of course he then refused to take the bus to school with this thing because that would just be too embarrassing. So as we pulled up to school there was a line a mile long of moms and their kids with cardboard cars. As I saw what the other kids made I realized my son had made more of a mini-van - the thing looked like a tank compared to the little “sports cars” the rest of the kids made. Of course my mommy-mind goes directly to thinking; “Oh good--it’s safer that way!”

So now that he’s learning all the rules of the road he’s become quite a backseat driver. Whenever we go anywhere I hear:

“Mom, you know that fines are doubled in construction zones!”

“I wouldn’t follow that truck if I were you- his load is unsecured.”

“Watch out for that old lady crossing the street!”

Yeah, yeah. Ok whatever. Just get a good grade kid and learn to drive well...Mom needs a chauffeur.

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