Oh No She Didn’t! Part 2

Okay, you all knew (or at least were hoping) it was coming. I pretty much had to do a follow up to my previous post: Oh No She Didn’t! Thanks for all your comments, compliments, links and e-mails. Because I have received so many questions about the “Special Reader” [including several people actually wondering if it was them!] I had to set the record straight. No, it’s not you. Or you. Nope, not you either. What’s interesting is that my original post never actually mentioned the term “blog stalker”, but what I wrote gave you all that basic idea (as shown in the comments). In fact, I wasn’t even certain of the actual definition of a blog stalker so I looked it up:

From the Urban Dictionary:
v. to secretly read someone's blog with the express purpose of learning more about them without their knowledge; to stalk via blog
I'm going to blog-stalk my friend's new boyfriend and find out what he's really like.I'm blog-stalking that cute girl in poli sci.My blog-stalker finally posted a comment; she should've known I was tracking her through my web stats.

All righty then, blog stalker is an accurate description! I think many readers might have gotten the idea that Special Reader was just an anonymous person that I happened to notice was frequently reading my blog (there were only a few subtle clues to suggest it was a specific person I knew). Well, the Special Reader is definitely not anonymous—nope, I know my Special Reader in real life. The reason why it was so amusing to me to have Special Reader reading my blog is because of who she is. So, since so many of you have been on pins and needles wondering about this I will clue you in. In fact knowing who it is it actually makes the whole post even more entertaining. No, really, it does! So you see how...what? Oh, I still haven’t told you?! So sorry about that, silly me! Okay, here ya go--it’s the current wife of my wasband. Yep! See, I told ya, even funnier now, huh? That should clarify things for those of you questioning “Could she possible mean me?” And to Annette in BC, (aka not Special Reader) thanks for commenting, you crazy blog stalker you, and if I’m ever up your way I would love to meet over chocolate. Oh, and in case any of you were wondering, Special Reader is still reading! (Isn’t that special?) Hi Special Reader!

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Anonymous said...

And so the drama is about to begin...can hardly wait to see what is about to happen!!! This is getting better all the time. Thanks for the excitement! ~ June