Things I've learned on the way to 40:


Our actions, beliefs and values truly shape who our children become; being a good parent is crucial.

When you have a baby at twenty-something, they are a baby for just a little while.

When you have a baby at thirty-something, they are a baby for only the blink of an eye.


Extra weight is much harder to lose now than a decade or so ago.

Having a plan along with systems & strategies for everyday things can really save you (time, money, and sanity).

Stressing over things we cannot control is truly wasted energy and wasted happiness. However, taking action over the things we can control is well worth it.


Being free of oppression (of any kind) truly makes one’s spirit soar- the freedom to live and be who you are is a blessing.


Enjoying life and learning to find the joy in life is more important than I ever realized in my younger years.

Realizing how fast time goes by the older you are makes you appreciate life that much more.

Life is too short for negative crap; whether it’s relationships, activities, or things.

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