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Told to stop breastfeeding at Arizona Pz WINK News - Southwest Florida YouNewsTV
Updated story: Fox 4 Troubleshooter- Breastfeeding Battle
Edited 6-12-08: So now apparently more info is surfacing and it sounds as though the original story was not entirely accurate. It is unfortunate that any mom would make this up/embellish her story if that is in fact the case since it makes it that much more difficult for women everywhere that this does in fact happen to. Since this is a problem (regardless of this particular incident) my feelings and statements on the issue in general remain and I will keep up my original post as seen below.
This is becoming all too common. Yet another ignorant person attempting to prevent a woman from doing the most natural thing in the world due to their own silly hang-ups. This is why laws exist to protect a woman's right to nurse her child, people! And frankly, if we are going to talk about public actions/behaviors that offend people, let's get real and list a few:
1. Smoking. Doesn't even need an explanation.
2. Not bathing on a regular basis--to the point of creating a little cloud wherever you go that I have to walk through. Thanks for sharing.
3.Yakking on your cell phone- particularly while in the midst of other folks engaged in activities appropriate to the venue; like trying to have a meal in a restaurant. The hubby and I rarely get to enjoy a dinner out together--we don't want to hear about your latest business deal and neither does your date by the way- get off the phone.
4.Using pants incorrectly - their purpose is to cover your butt - pull them up!
When I nursed my last baby I did not hesitate to do so whenever and wherever regardless of whether he'd tolerate a cover over him. I did it in restaurants, while out shopping, and even in my Weight Watcher's meeting including the time we had a male leader. Thankfully I never had anyone say anything derogatory toward me regarding my shocking behavior. Of course if they had I would have simply stated: "If my nursing in public offends you please feel free to put a blanket over your head."


Suburban Correspondent said...

A male WW leader? Wow. I've never seen one!

SuddenlySouthernCyndi said...

Yeah, he was subbing for our regular female leader.