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I love to hear from my readers and I thought this would be helpful/interesting to many of you with questions and comments for me.

Q: Clever alternative meaning to the SAHM acronym! As a SAHM I love reading about how other moms cope and just hearing about everyday details. What made you decide to start this blog?

A: Quite simply, I love to write. The idea of blogging, specifically mommy blogging, struck me as something made for me. I started this blog to share with readers (moms and everyone else) about the daily trials, triumphs and hilarity of life, specifically with regards to being a mom, wife, and homemaker. Not all my writing has to do with being a mom though, I write about life; the hubby, the house, losing (or gaining!) weight, health issues, social issues and just “stuff” in general.

Q: Are you funny in real life? I mean, does your husband laugh all the time or what?

A: Yeah well, that depends on if you mean does he laugh at me or with me! Seriously though, we make each other laugh—the hubby is actually hilarious! We are so goofy around here; we not only crack each other up but the teenager as well!

Q: I like reading about your real life, down to earth examples of weight loss and your challenges with it. Do you have any advice to offer others who are also having trouble with this?

A: Ha! I should be asking you for advice! Seriously though, it is hard. When you combine getting older [which makes it that much harder to get the pounds off], with all that needs to be done as a mom and wife sometimes losing weight takes a backseat. (Incidentally, that’s exactly where my weight goes…but I digress). Honestly, I have had good luck with Weight Watchers. However, this time around (after the baby) it’s been challenging because I started on the nursing plan with all those extra points/extra food and when baby weaned himself at one year I had to cut back. I thought I was going to starve! It’s been tough and I have not always been great at sticking to the plan. I addressed some of this in my post Next up in the ongoing weight loss battle… It’s a double-edged sword when you don’t plan for exercise and then don’t plan for meals [that are within guidelines for weight loss]. Sometimes I do one, sometimes I do the other, but too many times I do neither. I am currently working on getting back on track with both of these and hope to start seeing results. {Frankly, I would love to be of those “results not typical” weight loss cases where I can show fabulous before and after photos of how I have completely changed my body. But at this point, I think I’d be happy to take my rear and thighs down a tad and not have a muffin top over my waistband.} It takes a lot of discipline. I wish there were an easy answer but there just isn’t which is why I sarcastically mention that the experts are right: you really do have to eat less and move more.

Q: Your cartoon drawing of your family is great, did you have someone do that for your blog?

A: Yes, actually we have a talented artist in our extended family that did this for us! Interesting side note about that; the hubby looks exactly like that in person—as soon as I saw it I told him that if he were a cartoon character that is what he’d look like- it still cracks me up!

Q: The baby is really cute, how old is he?

A: Thank you. He’s currently 22 months. This summer he’ll turn two which is so hard to believe. (I guess every mom says that!)

Q: You haven’t said too much about this other than in one post, but I’m sorry to hear about the custody and parenting difficulties with your oldest son, that’s really a shame.

A: Yes, it really is. Teenager is a remarkably well adjusted [thankfully] and well behaved young man- we are very lucky to have him and do what we can to make his life as happy as possible. It is quite unfortunate that there are some parents who, for whatever reason, simply do not do the right thing for their child.

Q: I liked your Simple Thing entry, why haven’t I seen any more of those?

A: Yeah, about that. I’ve been a slacker. Every time I came up with another one I think it was just too simple and everyone would have thought of it already (i.e. online banking). I’ve just not put a lot of concentration into it lately. I hope to do more. Stay tuned.

Q: You’ve said that you were a Professional Organizer but don’t take clients anymore, are you going to go back to this someday?

A: It’s unlikely at this point. When I was working as a Professional Organizer my main focus was helping folks to realize that they have to prioritize not only their belongings but their activities in life and not over-clutter/overburden their homes or lives with excess. It would be going against that very principle to try to take on clients while still devoting proper time and attention to my family and writing. My plate is full.

Q: Are you really organized and have your house totally in order?

A: I freely admit I am one who struggles with organization in my own life so I have to be really diligent to stay organized. Sometimes things are totally organized to my standards and other times not so much, but I do know what to do to get things that way. (It goes back to the old adage of the painter’s house that needs painting, etc.) So many things have gone on in our lives over the last few years that we’ve not made it enough a priority to get things together in the manner we want them. I recently went into a little more detail on this subject in my post Clutter.

Q: The Oh No She Didn’t entries were hilarious! So, your ex’s wife actually reads your blog?

A: Thanks! And yes, she really does! I can’t begin to guess why, other than the obvious reasons (like why all of you are reading!) but, honestly I find it amusing and really don’t care one way or the other. I only write things that I don’t mind anyone reading and knowing.

Q: I haven’t seen any mean or negative comments yet, does this mean you haven’t gotten any or do you just not post them?

A: I have had some, actually. The few I have had haven’t been worth posting. If someone is just making a remark to be mean I generally reject it. However, if their comment is so ridiculous that it provides entertainment value then I’m likely to post it.

Q: Who does the Wordless Wednesday pics? You’ve had some nice shots. Can you tell me more about them?

A: The hubby gets the credit for nearly all the Wordless Wednesday photos- he’s a great photographer! Occasionally I will snap something I deem worthy, but they are generally from him. Some shots have been taken on vacation, some on other travels (like hubby’s business trips), a couple from our honeymoon and others from our own backyard. The pics of the baby are usually taken by me since I’m the one who’s around him the majority of the time.

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