In other news…

The baby got one of those wooden puzzles that makes the appropriate animal sound when you place the shape in its spot. Apparently the thing is light sensitive as we discovered the first night we had it.

Kinda sounds like a party at Sea World, huh?

Teenager has been busy with summer school and the other morning when I went to his room to see if he was ready for school I saw he was wearing perfectly pressed khaki pants, a polo shirt and loafers. For a teenager this is practically formal wear. I asked what the heck he was doing so “dressed up” and he replied that he had an assignment to dress business casual and give a presentation about possible career choices. “That sounds good” I said. Then I realized that he’s only taking Driver’s Ed and Health and how on earth does this assignment have anything to do with either of those subjects? He said; “Oh, teachers just like to give us random assignments that have nothing to do with the class.” Ok then! Sounds like a good idea to me in any case. Despite summer school teenager has been able to do at least a few fun things this summer. He’s gone to see a few movies, including Karate-Chop Koala (or something like that) and Wall-E as well as Ironman. Baby is getting ready to turn the big two in another month (which means I may have to start officially referring to him as a Toddler) so we are preparing for his little birthday party. The other day we sat him on his potty for the first time and to our amazement he actually used it. We were so excited we all clapped and cheered for him so hopefully he will get the idea. The hubby and I have been attempting to work on various projects around the house (clutter clearing, sorting and other household fix-up projects.) I know, I know, the excitement around here is non-stop! I’m pretty sure next week we’re going to venture into the garage and who knows what kind of tales I’ll have to tell from that adventure.


Susan said...

That puzzle sound would drive me nuts!

Becky said...

I have that puzzle and whenever we turn off the light to go to bed the duck quacks from inside the toy box. It is a little creepy. Okay, very creepy, like having a poltergeist duck. Then last night we turned off the light and...the horse neighed. I guess we have a new horsepoltergeist.