Seriously, So Blessed

I haven’t mentioned other people’s blogs before but I’ll hop on the current bloggie bandwagon for this. There’s a very new blog out there gaining attention. Yeah, it’s pretty funny for a “fake” blog (the content is all made up stuff written as satire).The irony is unless you’ve previously lived this lifestyle or been around this culture much you wouldn’t even “get it”. As luck would have it, many moons ago (seems like another life) I did live in this lifestyle and was submersed in this culture for years. I know all too well exactly what the author is talking about. Yeah, I could have written this myself. So it’s almost like a little trip down memory lane reading about this woman’s “way fun life” as she calls it. (I’m getting some serious inspiration here for a future blog post—I’ll have to see what I can come up with.) For further irony, many of her readers haven’t figured out its satire and have left comments chastising her for her writing. (now that’s funny!) I also am highly amused at the comments from readers who are the exact same type of people she’s making fun of! (even funnier!) I realize some of them do “get it” and are good humored enough to laugh at themselves (always a good characteristic). However, I honestly think others don’t get it and think she’s serious as they themselves write about the same things in the same manner but yet it isn’t satire. Clearly she’s making fun of a certain group of people but the question remains is she herself really one of them (and thus able to make fun of herself) or is she just one amongst them (thus making fun of them, but not actually one of them)? I would love to know the answer to this for my own curiosity. (Either way, it’s good work.) I could certainly share stories with her from back in the day (pre-blog and even pre-Internet) as about twenty years ago (holy crap! has it been that long? Ok, now I feel old) I could have literally been her, or at least the “her” she makes fun of—either way. Whoever she is, she should appreciate the free press. She is seriously, so blessed.

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Anonymous said...

Seriously So Blessed is hilarious. I, too, wonder who the author is. I'm an old (age 38), former Mormon as well and saw one of your comments and followed it over.

I'm trying to remember the LDS me 20 years ago. I took up cross-stitching to see if I could fit in better with my uber-special, soon to be sister-in-laws. Now days, I believe the LDS faithful scrapbook. ;-D

Anyway, just posted to say hi.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I found this blog, and you'll probably never see this comment, but for what it's worth, the author (a friend of mine from school) is "one of them" in that she is a temple-recommend carrying member of the church, but not in that she is liberal and awesome.