Some very bad combinations

Here’s a little rant and whine-fest update. The running thing hasn’t worked so well. I started as I promised myself, then the forces combined to make it impossible—we’ve had an issue with unhealthy air quality for over two weeks now, perfect timing! So, I was handed an excuse and one I didn’t even want because I was so determined! I finally got my new running shoes and haven’t even had a chance to try them yet. Then, the rest of it went a little something like this...we had a lot of family in town, which was really great but resulted in some not so great food choices, overindulging during the holiday, the loss of my heart rate monitor [during a mad cleaning-fest], which in turn meant I didn’t even do my inside exercises for a few days. Then the @%*#! A/C went out. It’s been triple digits. They are currently in the process of attempting to repair it and of course they’ve “never seen our particular unit before” and the parts need to be ordered from Pakichinastan or something. The hot temperatures and poor air quality have meant that we can’t go anywhere and do anything and the baby’s cranky and hard to handle (this isn’t much different from most days, but still). Because of the inside temperatures I’ve not been cooking the last few nights [more bad food choices] because I sure don’t want to do anything to increase the temperature. I’m afraid to even use the toaster at this point! So, put all this together and guess what? I gained four pounds. Just like that. I’m supposed to be losing and here I am gaining. Yes, I should have had the fortitude to not let the above be excuses and find a way to still stay on track, get some exercise in and make it all work, but that didn’t happen. I did finally get on the elliptical yesterday [found my heart rate monitor!] and made it all the way to my 30 minutes before the baby hollered at me, so that’s something. I would have done it again this morning but I have to wait for the A/C repair guy. Currently, I’m looking for the silver lining in all of this. I know it’s got to be there somewhere!

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