Apparently it Runs in the Family

I am not the most coordinated person in the world. I have taken the occasional tumble, spill, head bonk, toe jab among various other injuries. Those who know me find this highly amusing. I however find it highly annoying, both that I hurt myself and am the source of others amusement through my own pain. Yesterday there were no less than three tragedies in our household. During my hosting a houseful of crumb crunchers or shall we call it playgroup, UPS arrived at the door. While trying to hold back a pack of wild hyenas small children I managed to kick my big toe into the edge of the door and against something sharp taking not only a chunk of flesh off my toe but also a chunk of nail polish—I am not sure which was the greater tragedy. (I’m kidding, it’s the nail polish.) Later in the day when Grandma arrived for a visit the little guy was doing his usual “I know you want to hug me so I’m going to run” routine when he stumbled and fell hitting his forehead on the floor. The hardwood floor. So, we applied ice and snuggles and despite the boo boo he was all better within a short time. Then not ten minutes later we all went out to the car to go to dinner and I manage to open the car door on my head creating an almost duplicate boo boo on my own forehead. This is somehow hilarious to the hubby. The next time he’s in a grumpy mood and displaying some “hub ‘tude” I think I may just have to trip over the ottoman or slam my thumb in a door. My talents are limitless.

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Anonymous said...

I do the same thing. My particular skill is running into walls. Turn around to walk, surprise someone threw a wall up. The Bunny has inherited this wall magic. Oh the joys of handing down the "fun" things.