Birthday party, a couple raccoons and a tricycle

It sure feels like a Monday. I'm dragging today thanks to a 3am wake up. The dog heard a cat squabbling with two raccoons who he then chased up a tree. The hubby woke up and went out to investigate  dressed in Hawaiian print boxers (because what else do you wear when looking for raccoons at 3am?) I wish I had video footage of this whole thing (well, maybe just the raccoons up the tree part) to share with you.

What I can share with you is a few sho2bdayts from the baby's birthday party. Okay, okay, technically now he is not a "baby". He just turned two. That's 24 months for a mommy-in-denial. We had a cute Classic Pooh theme complete with Pooh ears instead of birthday hats. 

I found a darling Pooh & Piglet with a 2 figurine to use both as a cake decor and a keepsake but I underestimated how heavy the thing was. After putting it on the cake it fell backwards so I was forced to prop up Pooh's bum with a few Altoids. [In thinking about it, that might have made a better title for this post.]


As the little guy was opening gifts we saw this little entertaining sequence of events.....




The big birthday gift was a tricycle. Daddy has been very busy lately and did not have a chance to assemble it, so right after the party teenager assembled the whole thing himself for his little brother. We are all impressed.  After nap time, the little guy hopped on. He doesn't have the hang of it quite yet but he sure loves being pushed around on it!


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Brandice said...

I clicked over to your blog from SSB and I must admit I laughed almost as hard. WAY clever writing, and great stories. I can relate to TT and also to Operation Fit. When you figure out how to achieve the results not typical, will you blog about it? Thanks for the entertainment in the meantime.