The continuing Weight Loss saga


If there’s anything I know from years helping people organize and simplify home and life it’s the need for plans and routines. You really do need some sort of a routine/strategy/plan for basic daily tasks and it's necessary for things like diet and exercise as well. Our previous weight loss and exercise routine clearly needs to be revamped. In a nutshell, here’s what’s happened; I was doing Weight Watcher’s pretty faithfully though I’d been struggling with my loss of points/food when baby stopped nursing (i.e. I was still eating too much) and I had stopped going to meetings because baby-cranky-pants was not cooperating. As far as exercise, I had been getting up to do the elliptical while baby slept then trying to hurry and get a shower before hubby left for work. I have to admit that I’ve let it all fall apart over the last few weeks and have done nothing towards a healthy, weight loss oriented eating plan and exercise routine. Basically, it’s all pretty much went to he** in a hand basket at this point. I’ve now learned precisely what happens when I allow this to occur; I gain a bunch of weight, don’t feel good and the husband has to hear me say “Honey, I don’t have any pants that fit!” on a regular basis. (Oh, and the hubby also accuses me of “shrinking his clothes in the dryer”, but that’s another story.) So, it’s time for some action around here. I figure maybe if I actually post this for all the world to see I can hold myself accountable more so than just keeping my intentions to myself. So here’s what I’m doing: I’m going back to Weight Watchers tomorrow (wish me luck on keeping the little one happy during the meeting!) I’m pulling out my handy-dandy menu board the hubby and I created to plan dinners, and the hubs and I are planning to get up early, put baby in the baby jogger with his sippy cup of milk, and head out walking/jogging most mornings before he has to go to work. In addition, as the weather starts to cool off we are going to get out for more weekend morning bike rides as well as weekday afternoon bike rides when the Fall weather hits. (It’s just been too hot for this lately.) In all honesty when I am sticking to the WW plan it is doable and does leave room for splurging without blowing it and that’s why I like the program. But on a daily basis, it does take discipline and a lot of creative food planning to eat healthy, feel satisfied and not go over the points allotment. It’s frustrating that it is in fact harder to take weight off the older you are. Yet another reason why we need to step it up with the exercise. For those of you who’ve been reading a while you may recall this idea of mine which never really got off the ground. I’m sure you also recall me previously mentioning my attempts at weight loss and falling off the wagon before in more than a couple of posts. As I’ve said, I would truly love to be one of those “results not typical” cases where I can proudly boast about my successful weight loss efforts and exercise payoffs. And frankly, having recently turned forty I would also love to “look good for forty” and feel like it, too. So, you are all welcome to follow along with me on my journey with weight loss, exercise and self improvement. I have a few goals in mind I’ll share with you; in addition to getting back down to a healthy weight for me [I’m not going to pin down an exact number, but somewhere in the 130’s-140’s range is realistic] and losing inches around the “widest” parts of me, I’d like to also feel comfortable enough to wear two things I’ve not worn in quite some time, namely, a skirt that does not look like I just stepped off the prairie and white or beige colored pants [for next summer, of course!] They say dark colors are slimming and it stands to reason that light colors do the opposite because I’ve always felt like I looked wider than the broad side of barn in light pants. And frankly, if I wear khaki color pants I resemble “Pat” from SNL. Not a good look for me. Feel free to join me on this journey and share your own insights and experiences. Stay tuned for updates!


Meagan said...

Your posts crack me up every time. I tell my hubby and sister that I might breastfeed my baby until she's 5 just so I can consume more calories/points. Ha ha ha! So, I wouldn't really, but if I think of it that way it doesn't sound so bad. Lol.

My mom lost 30lbs on WW and is now a size 2, yes TWO!! Yep, can you believe it? She was as dedicated as they come and still works hard to maintain it. She's maintained for 3 years now.

Good luck, and keep us posted!
Oh, and thanks a ton for the package. I've already put it to good use!

Bethany said...

We have a problem with "shrinking" clothes at our house too!