Conversation outside our bathroom

Me: “Hey, you know that mini-shaver/trimmer thing you use on your beard?”

Hubby: “Yeah, what about it?”

Me: “Well, it’s the rechargeable kind right? I didn’t see a charging unit anywhere.”

Hubby: “Yeah, it’s rechargeable, I just haven’t found a good place to set up the charger, it’s under the cabinet. Why, does it need to be charged?”

Me: “Yeah, it’s pretty dead.”

Hubby: *Giggling a little, then laughing out loud.*

Me: “What’s so funny?”

Hubby: “Well, I’m just wondering how you know this.”

Me: “Just go charge your shaver.”

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Meagan said...

My hubby hates when I use his razor, but he never gripes about it, luckily. I can always sense a little hesitation when I tell him I forgot to pack mine and need to use his. He knows better... and hands it over with a smile and says, "I love you," as he shakes his head.