Just another Morning of Mayhem

This morning while I'm getting a screaming baby out of bed the teenager tells me its picture day. The notice the school sent home said it was suppose to be tomorrow, but he informs me that it’s according to when their schedule has a free period and it’s today! Yikes! (And thanks for letting me know at the last possible second.) Luckily, we’d already picked out the shirt he’d be wearing and I'd already started filling out the order form but still had to go online to pay (or find the checkbook and I wasn't about to attempt that). So, after changing a poopy diaper I hurriedly hop online to pay for school pictures. At this moment I’m thinking, what on earth would I do with more kids?! Thank heavens hubby is relatively self sufficient because frankly if I had him yelling from the other room; “Honey, where are my brown socks?!” that would be it. So, while getting the little one in his highchair and putting together a “breakfast on the go” for teenager who has no time to sit down I notice that once again he’s gotten up too late get everything done that he's supposed to which irritates me to no end so I have to nag at him about this for a while. Teenagers love that. While trying to get breakfast ready for baby, I say goodbye to hubby heading out the front door and to teenager heading out the back who at this point is full of TT [teenage ‘tude]. It’s very interesting to have this age spread between kids; on the one hand I’ve got a little one who I can’t reason with and on the other hand I’ve got one plenty old enough to reason with, however, he’s a teenager! Need I say more? (Not to those of you with teens, I’m sure.) To be fair, part of his ‘tude came from his mother refusing to let him take his skateboard because it’s picture day—of course this wasn’t obvious to teenager but the equation goes a little something like this: skateboard+helmut=flat hair which means we paid forty-six bucks for “teenage helmet head hair” to be displayed on the wall for years. No thanks.

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