Oh no, Mom bought a hair clipper!

Since my family consists of a houseful of males who need frequent haircuts I recently had the brilliant idea to buy one of those hair clipper things [not to be confused with the hubby's mini hair trimmer, mind you].  So, I figured with boys who wear their hair short, how hard could it be? My first victim customer was teenager who thankfully likes his hair really short because when I got done with him he looked like he was ready to don some camouflage and ship out. Next up was baby, who'd had couple haircuts already and since I didn't think they did that great of a job I figured I probably couldn't do much worse--and hey, I was saving money! Okay, in all fairness, baby has a double cowlick and his hair pretty much sticks up no matter what you do to it. I have gotten better with practice; teenager's most recent cut looks every bit as good as the paid cuts he usually gets and even baby's hasn't been too terrible lately. I figured there was little chance I'd ever be allowed anywhere near hubby's hair since he's super picky about it (let's just say I spend less time on my hair!) But he's been griping lately about needing a haircut (it grows like crazy) so I "suggested" he let me try. I felt like I had enough experience that it might not be such a bad idea. I think it turned out pretty good there was just one little problem--apparently I held the ear tapering guide upside down and this resulted in a section getting a little shorter than I'd planned. Hoping it would blend on I didn't say anything. When hubby took a look he said something about a "patch of hair missing" so I had to confess and do some more blending. All in all, not so bad. Frankly, he's had worse haircuts that he had to pay for. Of course, we'll be using our haircut savings on a hat for hubby, but still.

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