And Speaking of Bras...

I decided it was time to get rid of all my nursing tops. After all, baby weaned himself a year ago and they've been sitting in the garage ever since. While I was going through the boxes baby found a nursing bra and discovered a new use for it.
This leads me to a story of when he was born. Somewhere during the middle of my hospital stay I decided I wanted to wear my nursing bra. The problem was I was confined to bed and hooked up to a multitude of things that would be too difficult to remove and replace in order for me to actually get a bra on. My nurse had a creative idea. She thought she would simply thread the straps of the bra over the machines, down the tubes connected to me and eventually up onto my shoulder. It seemed reasonable to me, of course at the time I don't think my brain was in any condition to put much thought into the logistics of such a complex operation. She managed to get the bra over the IV pole and bag, thread it through some more tubing, wires, etc. but somewhere along the way she got lost. She was determined though! She kept at it like one of those brain teaser puzzles and I swear she did not want to give up! Sadly, she could not make her way over to me and her self-created puzzle became so complex Houdini himself couldn't have made it out of this thing. So, you know how you start these things and then can't undo them? Yeah. Well. Ultimately, she could not undo this tangled mess and get the bra off. So I think you know where I'm going with this. For the rest of my hospital stay, I had a bra dangling from my IV unit until I was unconnected and discharged. Unfortunately, neither I nor the hubby thought to snap a picture of this (silly us, we were taking pictures of our new baby!) The hilarity that ensued down at the nurses station from the frequently repeated "Did you see the bra hanging from the IV in room 301?!" was priceless and I'm sure still talked about today.

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Anonymous said...

Glad your little guy is having fun with his "New Toy"....Keep up the great work. Humor is a great gift to be blessed with and enjoying seeing the humor in things should be a Law!!!

Amanda said...

That is so funny! -We always forget to get pictures of things like that too!
BTW, love your blog!(stalking from bbc) :D