Eating my words {and apparently a few too many other things}

For those of you following along on my weight loss journey, or as I like to refer to it: Operation Fit [back into my pants] you might have noticed the ticker did not move this week. It didn’t move because had I gone in to edit it in order to be accurate I would have had to move it the opposite direction. That’s right people, I’ll admit it, this week not only did I not lose weight I gained. And the worst part, even worse than gaining, is that prior to my weigh in yesterday I asked the hubby how he did for the week and he reported he’d lost a pound. Apparently instead of exclaiming; “Honey, that’s wonderful! Good job!” I said something which sounded to him like: “That’s all? Only a pound? When on earth are you going to get rid of that big spare tire you’re sporting?!” But in reality I’m sure it was something closer to; “Oh ok, I’m surprised you didn’t lose more since men tend to lose it faster and easier than women—but just keep it going in that direction Lovechunk” or something like that. So, due to my remarks the hubby tells me that I had better have lost more than a pound when I weigh in at Weight Watchers. Yeah, about that.. oops. Sorry honey! You are the weight loss KING this week.

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