Entertainment Value of Disorganization

I’ve mentioned a few times that our garage has been an ongoing project. We’ve now successfully cleared out nearly all the “big” baby things we no longer use and have worked our way through several boxes of baby clothes which we’ve sold on eBay. Since we often have something to get rid of via eBay I’ve made it a rule to save any re-usable packing supplies. This includes not only boxes but bubble wrap, "peanuts" and those nifty little air filled plastic pillows that are so great for padding. Whenever we get a package and I want to save the packing supplies I’ve tossed it out into the garage. Yes, I admit, I’ve not taken the time to stop everything I’m doing, make sure the baby’s safe and gone out to find an actual spot for it. My method is simply to open the door and chuck it out there. (Yeah yeah, I can see how the garage got this way. Sort of.) Anyway, this is something that greatly annoys the hubby since the garage of horror has been a major sore spot for us. Well, the other day we drove into the garage and were bombarded with a very sudden; "BANG, bang, bang, bang!" This is when I realized we had just driven over a whole row of air filled plastic pillows making it sound as if we’d been under attack by the mafia with machine guns. After a very surprised reaction which included jumping up a few feet in his seat the hubby shot me a look that said it all. So, I promised to be better about stuff I toss into the garage. Right after I stopped laughing.


Anonymous said...

Snort... I'm definitely reading this one to Bill... Margaret

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