I told you so!

As you all know, I've been dedicated to Operation Fit [back into my pants] for weeks now and have diligently been walking, counting points and really watching things closely to lose weight. As you might have noticed from my weight loss ticker it's been paying off. I'm currently down by a little more than 5 pounds. The hubby and I have been great about getting up at what we refer to as the butt-crack of dawn to walk and this morning was no exception. That is until an unfortunate incident occurred not more than one minute into our walk. Perhaps you'll recall just two posts ago I mentioned my frequent injuries due to being a big klutz? Well, I no sooner walked across the street when I somehow twisted my ankle on the curb and tumbled to the ground. The hubby describes this as: "walk, walk, splat!" (Yes, he's hilarious that way.) So, hubby helps me up and tends to a few of my boo boos then heads off for a jog with little guy who's all ready to go in his jogging stroller. At least one of us got our exercise this morning. I however got road burn for nothing.

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June said...

Ouch...I do hope your ankle is feeling better and that in no time you will be hitting the pavement with "the boys"..

Congratulations also on your one year anniversary of your blog! I have had many laughs and always leave entertained in one way or another.

I will close with"keep up the good work"..was going to say "break a leg" but figured I better not. You just may go and do it!!!;-)