They're really more like “Doglets”

My folks have a toy poodle named Barney. And by “toy” I mean it could easily be mistaken for one, except of course for the yappity yap yapping oh so common for small dogs. I have never quite understood the small dog phenomenon, which seems to be most prevalent among the older generation. I remember the first time I saw a “dog in a purse”. Then came the doggy stroller. And if that wasn’t enough one on one time with your pooch there’s the doggie carrier so you can have Fido strapped to your chest just like a baby.

dog carrierMy folks have not gotten quite so carried away with Barney but they are pretty crazy about the dog. And by “crazy” I mean, it must be in the same room with them at all times, must have people food, must be held on their laps and to suggest something as outrageous as the fact that they leave the house for more than an hour or two is met with stern objections about how they can’t leave the dog that long.

I must confess the hubby and I are not small dog “people”. We always have been of of the notion that to be “a dog” said animal should actually be bigger than a cat. In fact our cat Chloe, whom you’ve all heard from in her post could take this dog in an instant and we’ve actually had to keep the two of them away from each other during their visits. Our dog, (who I’ve asked to write a guest post but so far he's been too lazy) is about twenty times the size of this poodle and puts up with him most admirably. Murray will put up with Barney barking incessantly at him, chasing after him and even nipping at him to the point of Barney ending up with a puff of Murray’s cream colored fur in his mouth. A couple years ago when the folks were here for Christmas, Barney was harassing Murray by taking his toys and scurrying off with them. Murray was apparently so traumatized by this he took one of his own toys and chewed it up to the point of eating it—we are assuming all in an attempt to keep Barney from getting it. Fortunately it did not hurt him physically, but it was at this point we realized that separating these two might be a good idea to avoid the high cost of doggie psycho-therapy for poor Murray.

Which leads me to my point about small dogs and their owners. Why must people drive with their dog in their lap? Am I the only one who sees the potential danger in this? Children must be in cars seats for their safety as well as our own, we’re told not to hold cell phones while driving but yet it’s okay for Muffy to sit right there as you’re attempting to steer an automobile? The hubby put it quite well when seeing a woman driving along with her poodle in her lap and mentioned he hoped she didn’t have an accident in which her airbag deployed. “Hey lady, you’ve got some poodle on your shirt”.

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Meagan said...

"Poodle on your shirt..." TOO FUNNY! My mom has 2 little Shi Tzus; she had "big" dogs for a long time and got sick of them. But she isn't crazy.

I have friends that are like that with their dogs, and let me just say that it is ANNOYING!