Blog Improvement

As you might have noticed the ‘ol blog has undergone some changes lately. Hopefully for the better! I love my new surroundings and am pleased with the new banner, incorporating the infamous caricature graphic from the old one. But sadly, technical difficulties abound and I am not anywhere near “techie” enough to solve them. *sigh* Even the new banner was unable to be “centered” correctly. Tell me you didn’t even notice until I said something, okay? You know, kind of like when someone has a giant zit in the center of their forehead and complains about it to their friends who say they didn’t even notice until you pointed it out. Then they follow it up with; “it’s not that bad”. Yeah, just like that. I loaded some photos on Flickr last night but have yet to figure out how to actually get it loaded onto the blog. This is when I could really use a computer geek! Yes, I’ve got a hot geek husband, but he’s geeky in more non-computer ways. I’ve also wanted to install a label cloud, a feature that sadly isn’t available as a standard gadget through Blogger so the only way I’ve found to make that happen is to manually install it by following several pages of computer code. Something that is not going to happen. As some of you might have also noticed I added Twitter to the sidebar. I actually signed up for this thing months ago and then never did anything with it or got it installed, so last night I managed to make it work. Note the sarcasm in my Twitter title—I guess it’s one of things where although I think it’s cute in theory, I am not really imagining it being a huge hit. I mean, do you all really want to know little tidbits of what I’m up to? The neat thing is though I'm able to “update” it from my cell phone which proved to be easier than I would have thought. So, I’m sure you’ll all be thrilled to know that when I accidentally lock my husband in the garage you won’t be left out of the loop. Oh, and I successfully managed to use Blogger’s “Poll” feature, so do me a favor and “vote” so my small techie success will not be in vain, m’kay? Thanks.

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