A "fad" I couldn't resist

Okay, I am not real big on trendy stuff and rarely go along with the latest fad. Most of the time I am pretty traditional, especially when it comes to clothing. (Frankly, it took me longer than I'd like to admit to stop wearing basic jeans; aka "mom jeans" and go with the more modern, lower waist/fuller leg style because I thought they were "too trendy".) In fact, last Easter I wrote about how I dressed baby in a very classic, traditional smocked romper despite the current "trend" for boys to wear ultra-casual clothing. So, when I heard of this item that you're about to see debuted below I was hesitant but the "cuteness" factor won me over (along with a really great online deal). So, here's a short video of the little guy's latest thing.

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Anonymous said...

Cute. Noisy! But cute!