Fall Festivities and Frivolity

This is my favorite season and I am so glad it's finally here. The hot weather gets old for me about half way through Summer so I look forward with great anticipation to crisp air and crunchy leaves. I also love when it gets dark earlier and frankly I'm irked they've messed with Daylight Savings Time making it even longer. Maybe that's just me though-- I guess it's popular to have longer days but I actually like having dinner when it's darker.

So it's about time to break out the Fall decor including the Scarecrow who you may remember from this post last year. We are all looking forward to our usual Fall activities including a trip to the pumpkin patch and taking photos of the boys. The last two years in a row the baby has had some cute "pumpkin patch outfits". Sadly, DSCN1817I'm discovering it gets harder to find such things now. I did however find a pretty cute orange and white striped sweater with a pumpkin on it. I told teenager if I'd found one in his size I would have bought it. Then the hubby arrived home from work and saw the little guy's sweater and asked me if I got him one, too. And he was serious. I asked if he'd really wear it and he said yes. I am so looking for a big pumpkin sweater. Sometimes I underestimate that guy.

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