I could have gone as a Pirate

This past weekend we had plans to attend a Renaissance Faire. While taking a shower I somehow managed to get shampoo in my eye. It was burning like crazy and after I got out I called down the hall to the hubby asking for help because I had an “eye issue”. (Apparently he wondered if I’d managed to once again accidentally yank my eyelashes out. For those of you who haven’t heard that particular story click here.) So I filled hubby in on my current tale of woe and asked if he could open up a new bottle of contact solution since this task was too difficult while in significant pain from my eye stinging and I needed to get my contact lens out and rinse it. With tears streaming down my face [and feeling really stupid for actually sloshing shampoo into my eye] the hubby barely holds back the laughter as he says “Well, maybe we can get you an eye patch at the Renaissance Faire!” Yeah, the hubby is hilarious—I can always count on him for coming up with something clever like that. Anyway, eventually my eye felt better and off we went to the Faire. Three of the four of us dressed for the occasion.

Baby was darling in his tunic and hat.DSC00609

Teenager wore his “Court Jester” hat which was a hit amongst all his high school friends he ran into.


And the hubby was dashing in his get-up as well.

He was also eyeing the turkey legs much the same way baby was eyeing the busty women at the last Faire we attended when he was nursing.


A great time was had by all. However, I did not costume-up for this particular event. No, not even an eye patch.

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