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For those of you who are new readers of SAHM: Surviving Assorted Home Mayhem please rest assured that my recent post dealing with a political matter is not the norm around here. In fact, I was initially reluctant to write it in the first place. However, I also feel that when something like this comes along in which some folks are willing to such take drastic measures to affect others in a negative way in addition to lying to scare people into voting for something there ought to be people to willing speak out about it. (Just last night our No on Prop 8 sign was stolen from our yard- less than 48 hours after being put up.) Enough said.

So, normally here at SAHM: Surviving Assorted Home Mayhem I share with you things like this.....

This weekend we enjoyed our trip to the pumpkin patch. The boys had a great time and we got some cute photos. Boys PP

I discovered Baby’s new little Levi's jeans are apparently made the same way all jeans are being designed these days…low waist-ed. Sheesh! Although I guess if given the choice seeing baby’s Pampers peeking out somehow seems less ridiculous than the top of someone’s boxers or thong.

After the pumpkin festivities the little guy was ready for a nap and the hubby and I took this opportunity to leave teenager at home with him while we ran some errands. Shopping without an annoyed teenager and screaming baby was a treat. Heck, at this point we’re practically considering it a date. While shopping at Kohl’s we got separated and did the inevitable call-each-other-on-our-cell-phones maneuver. This resulted in a dorky “Where are you?” exchange across a few aisles until we finally met up. Then hubby proudly announces he found something for me; a candle that smells like cupcakes! How timely since I recently blogged about the Britney Spears/cupcake thing.

Earlier today while getting the Fall d├ęcor out of the shed [the shed I’ve previously mentioned has containers full of crap we need to go through] the hubby unearthed this little gem that I thought I’d share with you:

1979Holy time machine to the 1970’s! Yes, this is the hubs in his Jr. year of high school. And yes, he did give me permission to share this with you all. I know I’ve got plenty of hilarious photos from my youth as well but those will have to wait. Because, let’s face it, it’s way more fun to show embarrassing photos of your spouse than of yourself. Actually, he doesn’t really consider it embarrassing since according to him he had girls lined up around the block to date him. And go for a ride in his AMC Gremlin.

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