You win some, you lose some

What an Election this has been. History has been made. I am quite hopeful that many of the much needed changes for this country will come about. It’s impressive to see this many Americans come together to elect someone who just might have what it takes to run this country and see beyond differences by not letting something like color get in the way. (Because apparently, Barack Obama is black, aka African American-- who knew?) Of course on the other side, as a Californian I am saddened that just enough other Californians were not able to see past “differences” and instead have most unfortunately passed Proposition 8, aka, Proposition Hate. I was afraid that all the outside money and strong armed influence thrown at this thing would bring this result and sure enough it did. It’s shameful and regrettable. Though I have no personal stake in this and my own rights are not affected, I cannot help but think of those Californian’s whose lives are very much affected and by the hands of those who had nothing to lose by simply allowing them to keep their rights and voting against this hateful measure. To those who had a hand in passing this, especially those who allowed themselves to be coerced and “told” how to vote, those who unwisely used their finances to further this measure and especially those who purposely misled the voters with all the lies I have but one thing to say to you: Karma.


Sra said...

Let's hope the karma comes around sooner rather than later.

I'm utterly astonished that this passed in Cali, but you're right that there was a great deal of misinformation out there about this. I saw a pro-prop 8 sign on TV the other day that gave some reason for support that had nothing to do with the issue. Unfortunately I can't remember what that was. And I've heard from Mormons who say they supported the proposition to ensure their religious rights, saying that if gays were allowed to marry, religions would lose their tax-exempt status, and would be forced to perform gay marriages! Where did all this misinformation come from, and why did people eat it all up?

You are right, though. One day this will be righted, not only in California, but all across America. It's an inevitability.

Carol Pavliska said...

Yep, here in Texas we already passed our own version of 8. Sad day, but not unexpected for Texas. But for California? Yeah. Pretty disappointing. I don't understand how churches think they can be "forced" to perform marriage ceremonies. The Catholic Church currently refuses to perform ceremonies based on previous marriages, baptism, etc...with no problemo. Anyway - I still love California! (And Texas)

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is, when Karma gives them a swift kick in the arse, they're probably going to blame someone else rather than themselves!