The Chair

Back when I was pregnant we shopped for all the nursery furniture well ahead of time. We’d picked out the furniture we thought we really wanted when we were fairly certain we’d end up with a girl, though we did not order it waiting until we found out for sure what we were getting. Ironically, when we found out we were having a boy this threw us into a quandary about furniture as well as names because we had a hard time figuring out what we wanted and our girl choices seemed so easy. We eventually ordered the crib and other pieces we decided on along with bedding and décor and had the majority of the nursery done at least few months ahead of time. There was one piece of furniture we couldn’t decide on and took us entirely too long. As you might have guessed already this was a chair; a rocking chair to be used primarily for nursing the baby in his room. I did not want one of the typical wooden rockers with a chair pad because I didn’t think it was comfortable enough and it didn’t seem like something we would use later on. We looked at the stuffed chairs that were also glider rockers that came with ottomans which also glided and decided that would be the best choice. We ordered a nice neutral beige-ish/brownish one and it took forever to come in. In fact, it was mere weeks before my due date and we were still waiting. The store promised us they would bring it out to us as soon as it arrived and it ended up coming in within just days of my due date. I wanted to be sure I kept the chair as clean as possible and decided to buy a slipcover for it which I recall shopping for just a couple of days before the baby was born. This was a definitely one of my better ideas considering the amount of spilled milk, baby spit up and other things which would be introduced around the chair. I loved this comfy chair and it was a wonderful place to sit and nurse the baby. In fact I’d discovered that a little fold up table placed next to it provided a place to set the lap stop so I could catch up on e-mail and read news, etc, while nursing as this was the only computer time I got back in those days. I became quite adept at nursing at the keyboard [apparently referred to as NAK: nursing at keyboard]. Well, the baby weaned himself at around a year and the chair sat unused for quite some time. To be honest it pretty much became the place where we dumped all the baby’s clean laundry to be folded and put away. So onto the main point of this story since I know you’re probably wondering if I’m simply going to regale you with tales of nursery furniture shopping. One of the challenges with having a little one with Sensory Processing Disorder is the lack of snuggling opportunities. Little Guy is actually quite affectionate, but due to the effects of his sensory issues will only hug and snuggle when he wants to and it is very brief. Generally this means while running about playing he will occasionally zoom over to me for a nanosecond long squeeze and be on his way. This has become known as the Drive-By Snuggle. It’s hard for a mommy who loves snuggling and is part of a snuggly/huggie family to come to terms with this. So, recently I came up with an idea; since he’s the snuggliest upon just waking I decided to start taking him out of his crib and sitting down with him in the chair in the nursery. Now I make certain I stay on top of folding and putting away clothes (added bonus!) so I can sit down for “snuggle time” with the little guy. The chair is right next to his little shelf with books so he will often suggest a story he’d like to read by both singing and saying “book” and “read” and often “please” followed by something which loosely gives me the idea which book he’s referring to. This has been great because I can get him involved in a story (something that previously he had zero attention span for) and snuggle him on my lap while in the comfy, cozy chair. He generally wants to come out of his crib complete with a soft blankie and a bear or other stuffed animal—so basically his "snuggling accessories". This is such a special time with him and I cherish it every day. If I’m lucky I might get as much as 10 minutes or so and other times it’s more like 3-5 minutes but still more than a Drive-By! I admit I do still lament over his coming out of baby-hood way faster than I’d like, but I know I need to accept the fact that he is growing, learning, changing and is going through different stages and will continue to do so—a simple fact of life that sometimes is hard to face as a mommy! But as a very wise man often says: “Remember to enjoy every stage he is in”. Great advice from not only a wise man, but also a hot-geek husband.

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