Off to a Great Start

With the start of the New Year comes new resolve to try to be "better" at things like diet, exercise, organization, etc. This week the hubby and I resumed walking in the mornings now that our holiday/company and other excuses have run out. We know we need to kick it up a notch with exercise, because let's face it, while walking is certainly better than no exercise at all, it's hardly going to melt the pounds away and firm anything. I know this has to be the case because I wear a heart rate monitor and I have a really hard time getting my heart rate up there even power walking as fast as I can and if I'm not in the appropriate zone then I'm not getting the cardio I need. So this morning was the start of our plan to incorporate running for several short bursts into our walking until we gradually get to the point where it's more running than walking. Some of you may recall a previous post dealing with the topic of starting to run in which I feared looking much like Phoebe on Friends. This morning's stunt was equally as hilarious. The hubby turns to me and says; "Ok, there's a nice long stretch of flat sidewalk ahead of us, do you want to run to the corner?" I agree and we start running. We arrive at the corner where I assume we're going straight and he assumes we're turning left...I think you can see where I'm going with this. We had a crash in what looked like some kind of Tweedledee -Tweedledum incident. But hey, we're running! Well, sort of. Baby steps.

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