Return to the Routine

Happy New Year. I know it’s the 5th, but this is the “official start” of the New Year for our family. It’s the day we get back to our routines after a long holiday break. Both Teenager and the Hubby have been home on vacation time and we’ve all been used to sleeping in. So this morning was brutal. We’ve slacked off on walking for the last...well, let’s just say it’s been a while. We had holiday company, extra cold weather and pretty much any other excuse we could come up with. Last night when we went to bed I told the hubby I felt like the lack of exercise and not sticking to our diet during the holidays had really caught up with me. I turned sideways and showed him my tummy, which felt extra bloated at the time. He laughed and told me I was pushing it out. I wasn’t. So this morning we dragged ourselves out of bed an off we went walking.

Speaking of getting back to our routines, the hubby got dressed for work wearing what I refer to as his “Monday pants”. Hence the name, these are the pants he wears every Monday and he knows I hate them. They are olive drab Dockers and I guess that’s appropriate because the feeling of a Monday morning could easily be associated with anything drab. Hubby cracks me up with his predictable work attire habits. Every week on Casual Friday his “uniform” is jeans and a black shirt. So a couple months ago he started noticing others in his office wearing jeans and black shirts on Friday. Yeah, he’s quite a trendsetter. Now just for fun he’ll shake things up a bit and wear a colored shirt with his jeans on a Friday and really get the office in an uproar.

It was a little sad this morning seeing everyone leave to return to the old grind. Hubby leaves out the front door for work and teenager out the back for school and they both leave at the same time. So, it’s just me and the little guy, who I like to call Baby Cranky Pants. Thankfully his Playgroups also resume today after the holiday hiatus so hopefully that will keep him happy. Yeah, it’s feeling like an olive drab Monday alright, but, “Everything’s Fine in 2009”. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

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