Thank you, Mary Poppins

So we broke out the Mary Poppins DVD for the little guy. It's often enlightening and amusing to see what smart-alec comments the hubby comes up with during things like this. Tonight, he starts out by reminding me how lucky I am that he gets home from work so early because "Mr. Banks doesn't get home until 6:01 pm". He then goes on a good-natured tangent ribbing me about how his wife is there to greet him as he comes home to his hearth and home [or something like that.] I believe it's as this point Mr. Banks pours himself a Scotch, dons his satin smoking jacket and whips out his pipe. The hubby then states he wants a smoking jacket. I ask what on earth he'd do with a smoking jacket. His response: "Speak with a British accent and sing show tunes around the house." I now know what to get him for his birthday.

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