The Three 'B' Words

Living in a houseful of males, at least two of which are on the geeky side makes for some entertaining events. Teenager loves to try to get his little brother to say new words and comes up with some pretty interesting options.The little guy has been learning more words lately and has really been to try to say new things. Although progress has been slow we feel encouraged and his Speech Therapist does as well. One of the new words he's started saying lately is "Bo" for "No" as he hasn't quite got the "N" sound down yet.

Now, a little background: The whole family are huge fans of the show "The Office". For Christmas this year Teenager bought me a DVD set of season three and we recently watched an episode which contained the following clip.

I must apologize for the poor quality, this is the best copy of this clip I could find on the Internet.

So since we watched this clip Teenager has been going around the house doing his own rendition of this. It occurred to him that his brother knows quite a few "B" words these days. The following conversation took place between the two of them:

Teenager: "Say: Bears."

Little Guy: "Beawr."

Teenager: "Now say: Beets."

Little Guy: "Beet."

Teenager: "Can you say Battlestar Galactica?"

Little Guy: "Bo."

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