Accidental Boo Boo's and Annoying Habits

I have this habit and I don't know if other people do this or if it's just me but it's this crazy characteristic of laughing when someone gets hurt. Now, I don't mean major accident hurt, just toe-stub kind of hurt. You know, when it's totally inappropriate to laugh and you know it but it just cracks you up and you can't help yourself? Okay, maybe it's just me. I don't do this when kids get hurt, just adults having very minor "boo-boos". So this morning I'm sitting down at my make-up table getting ready and mention something about my earrings as I drop one. Just then the hubby comes over to see what I'm talking about and as he stands right behind me I move my chair to scoot back and look on the floor for the earring when I hear a very loud "Owwww!" I had moved my chair directly onto the hubby's bare foot! While trying to move it again I managed to according to the hubby; "bounce up and down repeatedly" before getting my chair off his foot and out of the way. I immediately apologized for this but apparently it does not sound sincere or even believable while laughing hysterically. Through the tears of laughter I ask hubby how his foot is and express my regret over the incident to which replies, "Yeah, I can tell you're really broken up over it." Just typing out this story has had me cracking up all over again. The hubby is not amused. Okay, okay, it's just me.

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Janice said...

Don't worry, I have done the exact same thing. The laughter just pops out and I can't seem to help it, so you are not the only one.

Janice in Virginia