My new money saving trick

In these tough economic times finding ways to save money has gone from being just a good idea to being absolutely necessary. I discovered a new strategy while shopping at Target recently. As most folks already know, they have terrific clearance prices but their holiday items, many of which can be used as “everyday” items, are an even better deal when they go on clearance. I recently perused the Valentine’s section and discovered several basic items I needed and could use even though they were originally “themed” for Valentine’s day. The fact that many of them are pink is a plus in my mind; not only do I like pink but I also enjoy indulging and asserting my feminine side in a house with a majority male presence.

All these items were 75% off:

· 20 pack of Play-Doh in cute pastel colors [with add on stickers to use as Valentines] can easily be used for everyday or for a birthday treat bag.

· Box of pastel Crayola crayons.

· Four pack of kitchen towels in pastel pink as well as blue, yellow and green.

· Six pack of cotton washcloths in pink, red and white with a heart on each.

· Slipper socks with hearts in dark and light pink.

· Last but not least, guess who’ll be sporting new boxers with a big red heart on the butt?!

Here’s a picture of my bargains. Not pictured are the boxers because the hubby’s already in them and he tells me he has to draw the line somewhere.


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