Octuplets Mom: Just how far past “crazy” did she go?

What a “train wreck” this story is! It’s been said by every blogger out there already, but I’ll sum up.

33 year old woman ~ jobless ~ no home ~ lives in small home of parents ~ single; no spouse or partner of any kind ~ has children through In-Vitro Fertilization; SIX of them ~ then goes through IVF again ~ willingly has six embryos implanted which results in eight babies ~ gives birth to octuplets

· States on television that she is not receiving welfare which turns out to be false; she’s receiving Food Stamps and payments for three of her prior children who have some sort of disabilities.

· Admits she was already struggling to care for the SIX children she already had before being impregnated with even more.

· Has obviously had plastic surgery; somehow had the finances for this

· Oh, and amidst all this, apparently has the time to get her nails done!

There are so many things wrong with this situation and to point to each of them would be stating the painfully obvious. There are many reasons that having “insanely large” families is perhaps, how shall I put this diplomatically?...let’s go with "not the wisest choice" for all concerned. My husband can certainly attest to the fact that there simply is not enough time, attention and [generally] resources to go around when you come from a very large family. We are both of the same mind set of quality over quantity especially when it comes to children. The quality of life for a child cannot help but be negatively affected when parents are stretched thin in every way. I realize there are various schools of thought on this and there's plenty of debate over large vs. average sized families but at what point does the number of children approach the “insanity level”? I think most people could at least agree that folks like the Duggar’s passed that number quite some time ago. (And yes, I do get that they are supporting themselves, are not welfare recipients and have darling, well behaved children. But still. Come on, now.) So beyond the pretty obvious financial irresponsibility of the situation with Nadya Suleman is the very real fact that even before she had the octuplets she had SIX children. While single. Six children is a lot for even a couple to handle, let alone a single mom. Grandma has been helping (for which she is very fortunate) but it sounds like she has understandably had it with the situation.

I am a married mom with a teenager and a high needs toddler. I am pretty much maxed. Between therapies for the little guy, taking care of the home and seeing to Teenager’s needs I have all I can handle and then some. And this is with a helpful hubby! I realize we all have different capacities for what we can handle, but this situation with a total of 14 children and a single mom looks very grim for even the strongest, most capable person out there. And I do feel for those children, I really do. This is so unfair. Frankly, in my opinion it’s downright tragic.


Janice and Jessica said...

I am in TOTAL agreement with you!!!! I had just told my brother last night that I just simply did not want to give this crazy person not one more drop of space or publicity as much as I wanted to comment on my blog about this. I was watching a rerun of the Duggars last week when the older girls were out of town and the mom and dad had to actually take care of the little ones on their own (they use the "buddy" system with their older children pairing up with the littler ones). I thought then, well you had them, you need to raise them, not your older children. Now I am not against limiting people to the size of their families but sometimes it just gets plain ridiculous. I couldn't have said it better than you.

BTW, thanks for the comment on the blog. You are my first girlfriend!!! LOL

Janice in Virginia

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. I so agree this situation just sickens my stomach. Those poor precious little babies, I can't imagine what life holds for them, but I promise you they will not get the love and support that they deserve because they have a sick selfish mother, that just need to fill a void in her life, so she has kids. Its just so wrong.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with you on Crazy oct mom..she is on welfare and she has more kids then she can handle. I have 5 and thats enough and we aren't on the system at all. provide for the kids that you can are for and we'll leave it at that.