They’re round, black and made of vinyl

The other day the hubby and I we were reminiscing about “the old days” and got on the subject of records. At this point Teenager removes the earphones from his head, turns off his i-pod and joins the conversation. Naturally, he needs an explanation of such an antique. We were talking about LP’s (translation for my younger readers; long playing records or “the big ones”) and we went on to talk about how we’d go buy a “single” when there was just one song we wanted and generally they were about .99. Of course today’s generation can download a song on i-Tunes for the same amount. Hilarity ensued when hubby reminisced all the way back to the “8-track” and I had to shake my head in disbelief. I reminded him I’m still too young to know of such things. (Another; “Sorry Honey, that was before my time” moment.) The hubby assured me that his 8 track was a hit with all the chicks when we took them for a ride in his AMC Gremlin. I recall how exciting it was as a teenager to get a “walkman” so we could at least walk around listening to music on a cassette tape. This of course was before CD walkmans were available and after we saw the end of the ridiculous giant-boom-box-on-the-shoulder craze. Then I think about the little guy and wonder how he’ll be listening to music when he’s a teenager. No doubt it’ll just be beamed directly into his flying bubble car.


Sra said...

Ha! I think eventually we will become the ipods. You'll be able to download music directly into your internal memory, the menus will appear inside your eyes, and the sound will play directly in your ears.

Heather said...

Boy, do I remember the days of buying single songs on a 45 record. And cassette singles. At one time my cassette collection was massive. Whole albums and mix tapes from recording songs off the radio. Before I actually had a stereo I would hold a cassette recorder up to the clock radio, trying to press record in time to catch the opening beats of the song. Remember when you had to buy the whole album if you couldn't find the single? Those days are gone.