Apparently this is the word that comes out when the little guy tries to say "milk".  For a long time, he would only sign milk and never attempt to say the word. Now that more and more words have been coming out of him we've worked hard to try to get him to say milk. I guess this is a close as he could come to the word at this time. We're cracking up over here because of how unappetizing this word sounds (but of course enjoying the accompanying cuteness with him saying it).  All I've got to say is Starbuck's should feel fortunate that this isn't milk's name as I'm certain their milk containing coffee drink sales would plummet.  Can you imagine ordering a Cappuccino with low fat belf?


Anonymous said...

My son calls it "nook" and no matter what I do to try to get him to pronounce it correctly, it still comes out nook.

Starr said...

My boy said "gaulk" for drink until he was about 2 and a half. He's only three now, and says drink, but sometimes I miss gaulk.