The Binkie Breakup

Although little guy should technically have already had this momentous event occur in his little life we’ve delayed it due to his sensory issues. At this point we are shooting for eliminating the binkie all together by age three. He has only used it for sleep since age one when we took it away during the daytime which he did not object to. But the kid loves his binkie for nighttime and naps. Because of this, I try to always keep “travel binkies” in the diaper bag complete with a binkie clip so that if he needs to nap in the car we can hook him up. This morning when I picked him up after my WW meeting it was such a nice day I thought we’d head over to the shopping center and take a stroll. Generally, I get lucky and after he has lunch I can often count on him napping in the stroller with it reclined. This allows me to actually shop for quite some time. For the first few minutes he was happily looking around while we strolled along and after a while it became apparent that he was getting sleepy and ready for a nap. Frankly, since I don’t get out much I could hardly contain my excitement as I thought about all the possibilities. “I’ll check the clearance racks at Old Navy!” “I’ll see what’s new at World Market.” “I’ll take a peek at Ross and Marshall's and see if they have that seat cushion I need for that chair.” “By gosh, if this lasts I might even pop into the book store, look at the books and get a latte!” “Could it get any more exciting than this?” Little guy proceeds to sleepily ask for a binkie. I open the diaper bag and cannot find one. I rummage around through all the pockets and down into the depths of the bag and no binkie. At this point I’m starting a mild panic as the complaints start getting more insistent but I reassure the little guy that I’ll get him one. We head out to the car parked close by and I search though the various baby accessory bags in there…no binkie. I’m certain there has to be at least one in there somewhere ...even if it’s under the seat and I have to go wash it off. Nothing. By this point little guy is in tears, wailing for binkie. And he’s doing it so cutely it breaks my heart. I tell him Mommy can’t find a binkie but we’ll go home and get one. So much for the shopping trip that I foolishly dared hope for. (Yeah, I know. How silly of me!) We head home and of course little guys is asleep in his car seat by the time we pull into the garage. I carried him into his crib (where binkies await) and he went right back to sleep.

Oh how I dread the upcoming process of Operation Bye Bye Binkie. Feel free to share your binkie breakup stories here. I can see we’re going to need all the help we can get!


Julie said...

No stories at all because my kids stopped taking them at 6 weeks. I did try in the future buy my kids were never into them...all 5 of them.

Janice said...

Why stress him and you over taking his binkie away? My daughter didn't take a binkie but she did love her bottle and had one to go to sleep at night until she was almost five years old. Let's be honest here. Who does it really hurt? You don't see adults going around with bottles and binkies so obviously he will give it up when he is ready. Maybe that is part of what is wrong with society is that we make our children give up these things too early and then we turn to bad stuff such as food, alcohol and cigarettes to satisfy our oral fixation.

BTW, my brother had his bottle till he was 5 too and neither him nor my daughter has ever had a cavity and they are both super smart. So no harm done there.

Just my two cents and we know what that's worth.