In the eyes of my child

Several months ago while at the bookstore we were strolling by the children’s books when the little guy pointed towards a book and said “Mommy!” and then “Daddy!” Upon closer inspection we discovered he was pointing to Cinderella and actually seeing the characters Cinderella and Prince Charming as Mommy and Daddy, something we thought was highly amusing and darn cute. So flash forward to recently: the bedtime routine around here is for the little guy to be read a story or two by Daddy when going to bed. He’s been pretty good about communicating which book he’d like. Lately it’s been “Go Dog Go” but the other day I heard him request the “Mommy book”. As it turns out the Mommy book is actually a book with various stories of all the Disney Princesses. This cracks me up and of course makes me feel good…you know, not being a Princess and all. Of course I was delighted to see that my birthday gift this year from the little guy was this:

princess mug

Now you'll have to excuse me while I return to my "princess duties". Of course those would be the Cinderella pre-Fairy Godmother variety which includes laundry, scrubbing floors and talking to mice about my new dress.

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Starr said...

That is precious!