Old Navy, WTH?

I understand times are tough and hiring models may not be in the budget but the new ad campaign featuring mannequins is kinda creepy. Not your best idea, Old Navy. Word on the Internet is I'm not alone on this one.
ON mannequins
But more importantly, what is up with the return to the seventies fashions? Frankly, that's a decade of clothes I'd rather not see resurface.
Because what this says to me is the woman who would typically wear it is clearly a bored, middle-age housewife circa 1978 lounging around on a hot June day with a glass cold duck in one hand a cigarette in the other while waiting for the pool boy. If you know what I mean.

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Julie said...

its not coming back here and they don't have enough money in their budget for real actors...they spend that money with the Gap.

Angie's Spot said...

I'm so glad I'm not alone in this thinking! At first this campaign was mildly amusing, but now it's just downright annoying and creepy.

Pamela said...

i don't know what they think they're bringing back, but it's not pretty. and thanks for the pic of the plastic-ans. i know i'm going to have nightmares about those guys.

Susan said...

That's hilarious! I found your blog fron StumbleUpon---yeah, the mannequins are creepy and yes, I do know what you mean about that dress description!